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The defendant responded to the solicitation.

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Even further into the exchanges, the detective brought up money-for-sex. At every step along the way but the end, the defendant seemingly made it clear he was seeking free sex with a female adult.

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Eventually the defendant shows up at the deated rendezvous point with the requested items. The trial court further found that the State had engaged in persistent solicitation of Solomon, given that the detective continued to solicit him each of the seven times that he sought to withdraw and, in addition, sent the majority of the over messages exchanged between the two parties.

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The trial court gave an example of how aggressively the detective pursued the defendant apologies for the language :. I have wait for my sister to leave and I am gonna video tape me finger banging me to ur pic!

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You can be a seasoned old sailor or whatever, but that is repugnant. Solomon back in the game.

craigslist Washington sex

And there is no other way to — there is no other way to describe it. That is repugnant.

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This ruling makes me wonder how many other convictions were obtained with similar law enforcement over zealousness. Wherever that effort rematerializes, I hope that law enforcement absorbs the lessons of prosecution failures like this one.

Case citation : State v. SolomonWL Wash.

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May 28, Address. Search on this blog.

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