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In many major UK cities, young people can find themselves paying more to rent a room than some families spend on their monthly mortgage repayments. In the absence of wealthy parents who are willing to foot the bill for suitable accommodation, a high of young people looking to live in big British cities often find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place, unable to afford the cost of living in the location in which they would like to live. Sadly, the unaffordability of this type of accommodation is being exploited by unscrupulous landlords who offer tenants free board in exchange for sex.

Personals in Arkansas, USA

In a high of cases, the landlords are middle-aged men who often al a preference for young women in their online. What is perhaps most alarming is the fact that these continue to be placed even though experts have warned that the landlords who post them might be guilty of a of criminal offences should they go through with accepting sex acts in exchange for the accommodation they provide.

Last year, a survey conducted by YouGov foundwomen in the UK had been offered free or discounted accommodation in exchange for sex.

Personals in Arkansas, USA

Notes published by the CPS in January on sex-for-rent arrangements state that anybody exchanging accommodation for sex could be committing the offence of causing prostitution for gain or inciting prostitution for gain. In spite of this, and a of relatively high-profile investigations into several sex-for-rent cases across the UK, there appears to be no shortage of shady landlords in Britain who have few qualms about offering accommodation to vulnerable young people in exchange for sexual favours.

Last year, reporters from the BBC confronted a sex-for-rent landlord on camera after secretly filming him propositioning a potential tenant. When confronted, both men were understandably embarrassed, but proclaimed they were unaware they were doing anything wrong.

Back inhomeless charity Shelter published some examples of the types of sex-for-rent that were being posted on Craigslist at the time. No pic, no reply sic. Nearly four years on, little appears to have changed.

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Within seconds of logging on to the shared rooms section of the Craigslist website, we were able to identify numerous posts that appeared to allude to similar arrangements. While the CPS told LBC that UK law has been left untested on sex-for-rent because not one case has been presented by police for prosecution, it must surely be true that Craigslist and other classified listing sites that publish adverts offering accommodation in exchange for sexual favours would be facilitating any offence the poster went on to commit.

In March of last year, Craigslist removed personal listings from its website after the US government introduced new legalisation making online publishers responsible for the promotion of prostitution and sex trafficking. If classified listing sites such as Craigslist want to avoid accusations of facilitating prostitution, they would do well to better vet the they allow on their accommodation share s.

Personals in Arkansas, USA

Others might feel quite comfortable ing up for premium services from their adult entertainment purveyor of choice, and have no qualms about providing their address and credit card details while doing so. However, several recent and historic data breach incidents suggest that pornography fans would be well advised to put as much time and effort into worrying about how much information is recorded about their adult entertainment consumption in data centres across the globe as they do into threating about the personal search history on their devices.

Just last week, it was reported that researchers at cyber security firm TurgenSec had discovered that a database left unsecured by UK telecoms and entertainment giant Virgin Media contained information linking some of its customers to porn sites.

Personals in Arkansas, USA

Virgin said the information on the database had been accessed on at least one occasion by an unknown user, raising the prospect that the details on it could be used by hackers to target Virgin customers in sextortion scams. Although such breaches are rare among major internet service providers and telecom firms, partly on of how tightly regulated they are, information held by adult websites themselves can be much more vulnerable.

While not a pornography website per se, people whose personal information was linked to the service found that the impact on their lives was devastating.

Having threatened to do so for weeks, the cyber criminals behind the breach leaked the names of 32 million users of the site in Augustresulting in people losing their jobs, their relationships, and in some cases even taking their own lives. Soon after the exposure of the Ashley Madison database, sextortion fraudsters launched campaigns to exploit the fears of those who might have appeared on it.

As well as exposing porn site users to embarrassment and potential blackmail, these types of data breaches have scuppered efforts to make the internet safer for children in some countries.

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UK proposals to force porn viewers to up to an age verification system before accessing their preferred adult content were dropped last year partly on of privacy and security concerns. The upshot of all this is that anybody who is partial to watching pornography online should probably worry just as much about how much information about their viewing habits is being stored on databases around the world as they do about the information in their internet browser.

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Scammers across the globe are looking to profit from public fears over the coronavirus outbreak, with reports the world over highlighting how fraudsters are seeking to exploit the panic created by the spread of the disease. On Wednesday, Kyodo News reported that authorities in China have seized more than 31 million counterfeit or substandard face masks as members of the public clamour for such products amid a countrywide shortage.

Addressing a press conference in Beijing this week, Vice Minister Du Hangwei revealed that a total of 4, suspects have been detained in relation to these alleged offences. Elsewhere, Business Insider reports that Facebook has announced that it will take down bogus adverts that guarantee a cure, create a sense of urgency or otherwise attempt to profit from the virus.

In a similar move, USA Today reports that online retail giant Amazon has warned third-party face mask sellers about marking up prices to take advantage of fears over the coronavirus outbreak.

Personals in Arkansas, USA

Earlier in February, the US Federal Tarde Commission warned that fraudsters are seeking to take advantage of fears surrounding the disease by setting up websites to sell bogus products targeting potential scam victims through misleading social media posts and phishing s.

The commission warmed that such social media posts or phishing messages often appear to promote awareness of the disease and may include prevention tips.

Personals in Arkansas, USA

Offering similar advice this month, UK anti-fraud organisation Cifas cautioned the British public to be on the lookout for scams deed to prey on fear and anxiety over the spreading of the virus. Separately, the WHO, which is leading global efforts to control the outbreak, has warned that cyber criminals are using its name in a bid to steal money and personal information from victims online.

The UN agency said it would never ask people to log in to any website to view safety information related to the coronavirus, and would never unsolicited attachments. The WHO also noted it would never prompt people to visit a website other than its own, and would never charge money to apply for a job, register for a conference, or reserve a hotel.

Personals in Arkansas, USA

Up untilthe overwhelming majority of methamphetamine consumed in the US was manufactured in domestic labs scattered across the country. The Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act included much stricter controls on the sale of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine and phenylpropanolamine, and resulted in a sharp fall in the amount of meth produced in the US. This was equivalent to a rise from 0.

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The price of the drug has plummeted over recent years thanks to the sheer volumes the cartels are bringing into America, making it even more attractive to addicts looking to get as a long a high as possible for their money. Make no mistake: If your city, town, or state has a meth problem, it came from the southwest border.

Personals in Arkansas, USA

Away from National Survey on Drug Use and Health data, other indicators suggest super meth is beginning to take its toll on users. At the end of January, the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that between andthe rate of drug overdose deaths involving psychostimulants such as methamphetamine increased nearly five-fold. Separately, a study published by Millennium Health in the JAMA Network journal this January revealed that use of methamphetamine is rocketing across the US, with the of urine samples testing positive for the drug rising from about 1.

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But with the Mexican cartels coming up with evermore ingenious methods of sneaking their products into the country, including bringing methamphetamine into the US in liquid formthe DEA will have its work cut out. Great news, we've ed you up. Sorry, we weren't able to you up.

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Please check your details, and try again. Connect with us. Related posts: Recent failed experiments demonstrate the legalisation of prostitution will only work if properly regulated Are drug trafficking gangs increasingly using cruise line passengers as mules?

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Tech giants have lost the chance to self-regulate after repeatedly failing to tackle harmful content Why organised criminal gangs are actively grooming teenagers to become the next generation of cyber hackers How organised criminal gangs smuggle drugs into jails across the globe. Up Next The GirlsDoPorn compensation award highlights a sickness at the heart of the adult film industry. Don't Miss Video games and gaming platforms are facilitating serious and organised crime.

Continue Reading. Published 2 years ago on 9 March By Guillaume Goudreau.

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Opinion Scammers the world over are exploiting public fears over the coronavirus outbreak. Published 2 years ago on 26 February Published 2 years ago on 24 February Social Widget.

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