What the f*ck timeline is this, and other questions “Logan” leaves unanswered



I watched the new Wolverine movie, Logan, a few weeks ago, and well…I have mixed feelings.

As a movie, I thought it was fantastic—although at least two of the people in my party were thrown off because it wasn’t what they were expecting. (In fairness, they hadn’t seen any of the previews, which made no secret of the bleaker tone.) It’s a much darker, sadder movie than the previous X-Men films. In a lot of ways, it doesn’t even feel like a superhero movie. The director has admitted to taking much of his inspiration from westerns, and it shows.

But as someone who’s been a fan of the X-Men film franchise since its 2000 debut, I am…confused. And more than a little frustrated. Maybe someone who read the comics would be in better shape, but I found myself wondering what the hell I’d just watched, because it didn’t seem to fit with any of the other X-Men films in the franchise. Not to mention that there was a lot of stuff that just wasn’t explained. Like, at all.

So without further ado, here are the 10 questions that Logan should have answered…but didn’t.





1) What the f*ck timeline are we in this time?

In Days of Future Past, Logan traveled back in time 50 years to 1973. We can then extrapolate that the “present” sequences take place in 2023. Logan takes place in 2029. So how the hell did we get from that cheery, optimistic ending of Days, to the bleak, broken-down, mutant-less existence of Logan—in just SIX YEARS?!?

It would make sense if Logan took place in the original timeline (i.e. the timeline of X1, X2, and X3). Many of our main characters were killed in X3 (a movie that I know we’d all prefer to forget), and still more of them were killed in the battles during Days, before Logan altered the past. Logan also references events that we know happened in the original timeline, such as Logan’s days as a cage fighter and the battle on Liberty Island.

But Director James Manigold has stated that Logan takes place in the Days timeline—so WTF?

(My personal theory has always been that while Days may have altered or changed some things, we’re supposed to assume that many of the events of X1 and X2 still occurred in some form or another. My primary basis for this: Rogue’s hair at the end of Days still has a white streak in it, her “scar” from Liberty Island, so to speak. If that battle hadn’t happened, why is Rogue still channeling Lily Munster?)

2) What happened to all the other mutants?

Are we really supposed to believe that Wolverine, Xavier, and Caliban are the only three mutants left on Earth? I don’t. So what happened?

We know some things:

*At some point several years before the story started, Xavier lost control of his abilities and killed several people in Westchester (presumably at the school). I believe the radio announcer said that seven people were killed, with many more injured. But still—seven isn’t “all the mutants on Earth.” But presumably, it may have taken out some of our beloved old guard X-Men.

*Transigen—a.k.a. the bad guys—manipulated the food and water supply so that no new mutants had been born in 25 years.

*The skeevy bad guy with the southern drawl also implies that at one point, Caliban used his abilities for Transigen to help them track down (and presumably kill) mutants.

But c’mon. ALL THE MUTANTS ON EARTH?!? I’ll say it again: it’s only been six years since Days, when everyone was happy and healthy and not dead.

LoganLaura3) If no mutant babies had been born in 25 years, how come no one mentioned that at the end of Days of Future Past? Shouldn’t they be a tiny bit alarmed about this?

The youngest mutant on Earth would have been 19 at the end of Days. Someone should have noticed the oncoming extinction of mutants by this time.

And for that matter, who the hell were all those students at the Xavier School at the end of the movie? If the youngest mutant on Earth is 19, who are they even holding classes for?

4) Is it really the adamantium making Logan sick and impeding his healing abilities?

We’re kind of left to make up our own minds about this. But really, it could be something else? Maybe a malevolent agent that Transigen released? Maybe a delayed side effect of time travel?

5) If it is the adamantium, does that mean that Laura will have the same problems in the future?

And possibly at a much younger age, since she was implanted so young?

6) Will Laura be able to grow with all that adamantium fused to her skeleton?

Because it kind of makes sense that she wouldn’t. I kept expected her to start shouting at Logan, “Do you know why I know how to drive? Because I’m really 37 years old!”

LoganProfessor7) When and why did Xavier lose control of his powers?

Again, we’re left to our own devices to make assumptions. “Neurodegenerative disease”—dementia, maybe?

8) Who or what is in Canada?

Is that where all the other mutants went? Did some of our heroes manage to escape? The pessimist in me says that it would be a fitting ending for this bleak entry into the series if nothing was in Canada, that it was just a bedtime story to give hope to the last surviving mutants. But obviously, Eden existed, Laura’s friend and fellow genetically engineered child mutant was talking to someone on the radio.

9) Why didn’t the other child mutants help out in the climactic fight sooner?

No wonder Transigen abandoned the “let’s genetically engineer children as weapons” program—these kids suck as weapons. I mean, I get it, they have consciences and don’t want to be used as weapons and all that. But when people are literally trying to kill you, you can make an exception! Instead, they seemed perfectly content to let Laura—who will probably be scarred for life—and Logan do the fighting for them, not jumping in with their own awesome mutant powers until Logan is on the verge of death. Seriously, guys, if you had done that 10 minutes earlier, maybe Wolverine wouldn’t have been impaled. #stupidkids

10) Seriously, why do I even bother to follow the continuity?

Because no one else in this franchise ever seems to bother. *Sigh*

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