THE DEMON WITHIN is out in the world!


One happy customer. Photo courtesy of Bernie Goltermann.


The Demon Within is seriously, for reals, out in the world now.

The official release date is April 6, but Amazon has “soft released” the book–meaning, basically, that they have started shipping the books early. I don’t know whether Barnes and Noble or any other book retailers have done the same, but Amazon is, for sure, shipping.


This copy is on its way to Florida for vacation. My book is barely out, and it already gets to take a vacation! Photo courtesy of Allie Berg.


The e-book version is not out yet, nor is it available for preorder. The preorder links should be up any day now–but I suspect you won’t be able to download it until April 6.

Nonetheless, the book seems to be doing quite well on Amazon so far…

Screenshot 2016-03-26 19.31.23

Just for context: there are, according to this Quora post, over 1.8 million books for sale on Amazon. And that sounds about right, because I’ve definitely seen those ranking numbers, in the months that Demon Within has been available for pre-order, over the 1 million mark. So for a book that is not yet “officially” released and still doesn’t have an e-book version…I am pleased.

Some friends, family members, and even acquaintances have asked what they can do to help out. The big things are:

  1. Buy the book.
  2. Leave reviews on sites like Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, etc., or your own personal blog.
  3. If you’re really feeling ambitious, you can certainly chat the book up with your local bookstore or donate a copy to your local library. (I say “really ambitious” because I am a huge introvert and this is the thing on the list I’d have the hardest time doing. It’s even worse because it’s my own book.)
  4. If you have any friends who might like the book, talk to them about it, too–or even buy them a copy.

And of course, don’t feel obligated to do any of these things.

So yes…I am a really for real author now! And now I’m going to go eat pizza and watch some Netflix to celebrate, because I’m living the good life!

(No sarcasm there. With my fiancé out of town for Easter, a night of pizza and Netflix does sound just about perfect. Yes, I’m a recluse. But I’m okay with that.)

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