Ilona Andrews and the Hugh D’Ambray Book

First things first: I’m sorry for not posting this sooner. My only excuse was that I was closing on a house in December, plus celebrating the holidays, so things were a bit chaotic. But I should have posted this last month.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Ilona Andrews is one of my favorite authors. Regardless of whether it’s the Kate Daniels urban fantasy, the Edge paranormal romances, or the basically unclassifiable Innkeeper serials, Andrews’ books are among the best in the genre. Both the worldbuilding and character development are kickass, and they have a knack of making their bad guys more complex and sympathetic than many.

Which is probably how this whole thing started.

About a month ago, I wrote an entry asking whether Ilona Andrews was punking us. I had been scanning the comment section of one of her blog entries, and she referenced writing a Hugh D’Ambray book–one of the aforementioned complex, sympathetic villains in the Kate Daniels series.

It was a very quick comment, and things don’t always translate very well online. And certainly, a blog comment isn’t the same as an announcement. What you guys don’t know is that I reached out to Ilona on Twitter afterwards. And then this exchange happened:

Screenshot 2016-01-26 16.25.04

Welp. That certainly sounds like a “this book is going to happen” to me! *Cue squeeing.*

Now, this isn’t an official announcement. Things could change, they might change their minds, etc. But it’s certainly better than an April Fools’ joke, right?!?

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