Is Ilona Andrews Punking Us?

So I am a huge Ilona Andrews fan.

Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team, and their books are amazing. Seriously. The Kate Daniels series has some of the best worldbuilding and characters in the urban fantasy genre. It took me a couple of books to get into it initially, but now its one of my auto-buy series. In fact, Andrews is one of my auto-buy authors, and when they release something–whether it’s the more romance-centric Burn for Me or their kooky, unclassifiable Innkeeper serials, I’m there.

Well anyway, last April, Ilona (the wife half of the team) played a prank on her readers, giving us a book blurb with Hugh D’Ambray as the protagonist. In the Kate books, Hugh is very much, unapologetically the bad guy–but a sexy one. Ilona has implied that he’s a sociopath. But their characters are so complex and interesting that I’m not sure it matters. I think they can plausibly redeem Hugh and turn him into a romantic figure. Or maybe not. Maybe he’ll just stay the mostly bad guy. Or all bad guy.

Look at Kresley Cole’s Lothaire. Lothaire had been the ambiguous villain in that series since the beginning. He’s still the villain after it’s over. Yet it’s one of Cole’s highest-rated books. We like our bad guys. Maybe it’s a little bit of wish fulfillment.

So anyway, today Ilona wrote a blog post, and I caught this in the comments:

Screenshot 2015-12-06 19.37.17

Ummm….does that say what I think it says?

Anytime the possibility of a Hugh book has come up in the past, Ilona has denied the possibility.

It’s not April 1 again, is it? *Checks the calendar.*

It’ll be a tough sell, convincing readers that Hugh is still “good” enough to be a hero, in any way, shape, or form. (Like I said, basically a sociopath.) But I think if any authors can do it, it’s the Ilona Andrews team. Count me as one fan hoping this one is true.


5 thoughts on “Is Ilona Andrews Punking Us?

  1. OMG I am a regular stalker of their blog, so when I saw this in the comments, I literally screamed for a full minute. My dog actually came up to me to lick my face in order to comfort me. 🙂

    So…it’s NOT April 1 today. So I am pretty sure they’re serious about this.

    I cannot wait to see what they do with a Hugh book. I mean, Kate really, really, really wants to kill him. It’s one of her life’s main ambitions at this point. How is this going to pan out????

    This team writes not only with humour and romance, but also with intelligence. If anyone can pull this off, it’s Ilona Andrews. 🙂

  2. I’d give anything for a Hugh book! They’ve made offhanded comments about it before but I’ve never seen an official confirmation. There was a Q&A on GoodReads last summer (I think that’s when it was anyway) and Gordon said that he really wanted to do a Hugh book but was having trouble convincing Ilona.

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  4. Sorry it took me so long to respond, guys. I was moving over the holidays and things got a little crazy, so I didn’t see these comments until today. But I did ping Ilona on Twitter, and we had this exchange:

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